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It’s always exciting when a new talent is discovered.  Milan is a performer with a breathtaking range of musical skills. His background says it all.

His lifestyle, his musical influences, his abilities and his passion for music all combine to produce this remarkable young man and his art.

Background and Influences

Milan was born and grew up in London . There is music and the arts in his blood as his father is a musician and his mother comes from a musical family.

He is self-taught ,  plays all the instruments in his songs including ; guitar, keyboards, bass and drums.  As a child he grew up listening to a wide range of musical styles from popular to classical from Jimi Hendrix to Chopin. This exposure to many musical genres and styles is reflected in his own music.

Influences include, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone and Freddie Mercury to name a few.  It’s because he has absorbed the music of creative and talented performers that Milan is able to draw on their expertise when creating and performing his own material.

Early Career

Many outstanding performers started at a young age and Milan is no exception. At the age of 8 he was already composing and performing his own songs. He grew up listening to artists like David Bowie, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and James Brown from his father’s record collection. They and others inspired the young musician. He was soon able to play Jimi Hendrix guitar licks with style.

When in his teens Milan began playing a variety of instruments in a variety of bands. By age 16 he had mastered the many challenges of recording techniques and could run a studio providing both the musical and technical inputs.

Performing and Creating

In recent years Milan has taken his set to clubs and bars in New York and London , those who have caught his act are impressed by his professionalism and passion for music.

His songs show a wide variety of styles and dynamics. His songs can be up tempo and lively or laid back and mellow in a moving ballad. His songs bear repeat listening and when this happens, you discover even more than before.

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